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12 oz PRESTO! PRO™

<B>12 oz <I>PRESTO!</I> PRO™
12 US fl. oz. will cover up to 1,200 sq. ft! Enough to detail 12 small to mid-sized cars bumper to bumper or several THOUSANDs of minor clear coat scratches!

PRESTO! PRO™ is designed for automotive finishes only. PRESTO! Gelcoat Rejuvenator™ built on this and is good for more than just car finishes. Us this product for car finishes and most outdoor plastics. There is no need to buy two products for two different plastics!

PRESTO!™ PRO, is a self-levelling, wipe-on product, that surpasses automotive performance specifications for clear coats. Because it is a clear coat, PRESTO!™ PRO will not wash away like other car care products. PRESTO!™ PRO is so durable that one application lasts for years – not weeks – and we back PRESTO!™ PRO with a limited five-year warranty.