1 US GAL. (MAKES 10 GAL) PRESTO!™ PREP Cherry Scente

<b>1 US GAL. (MAKES 10 GAL) <B><i><I>PRESTO!™ PREP Cherry Scente
1 US GAL. (MAKES 80, 16oz bottles) PRESTO!™ PREP Cherry Scented *CONCENTRATE*

This 1 US Gallon Container of PRESTO!™ PREP CONCENTRATE makes up to 80, 16 oz. bottles of cleaner costing $2 per 16 oz. bottle.

PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING & HANDLING IS INCLUDED WITH THIS ITEM. The standard flat rate shipping & handling charge has been figured into the cost.

Customer feedback told us to improve the scent of this product. We added cherry scent and while we were at it, we enhanced the formula as well. Not only does this product smell better and is less irritating, it does everything it used to do plus more. PRESTO!™ PREP™ is the only product that we know of that actually washes the yellow out of car headlights ON CONTACT. To wash out the yellowing from headlights, use PREP™ at full strength, no not dilute it. You actually see the yellow start to wash out of the headlight on contact. The yellower the headlight the more you see it wash out. For other uses, follow recommended dilutions on the label.

PREP™ eliminates all of the sanding normally needed to get the yellow out of headlights. This also eliminates the risk of sanding a hole in the headlight while you try to sand out the yellow. This is also the secret to how we can recondition a headlight in less than 5 minutes. After you use PREP™ to get the yellow out, you then use PRESTO!™ PBR™ to permanently penetrate, seal and resist against further weather damage. PREP™ pays for itself at least 3 times over the first time you use it on a plastic headlight.

If you want to know why headlights discolor, we included all that info and what to do about it down below.

PRESTO!™ PREP™ is SIMPLY AMAZING. PRESTO!™ PREP works right before your eyes with little or no effort, just apply, wait and wash-off - simple! In really heavy duty cleaning you may need to do some scrubbing.

PRESTO!™ PREP is sold as a concentrate. Other cleaners are mostly water. PREP!™ Seems to cost more than other cleaners because you are buying a concentrated cleaner - NOT WATER. Why sell you water you can get from a nearby tap? Why waste money on shipping you a product that is mostly water? When you really look at it, PREP™ costs less than other cleaners and does a whole lot more than other cleaners can do.

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