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PRESTO!™ Headlight Sponges, 32 Count

<b>PRESTO!™ Headlight Sponges, 32 Count
PRESTO!™ Headlight Sponges, 32 Count

These sponges apply a remarkably even coating of PRESTO!™ PBR onto headlights. These applicator sponges, die cut into wedges, are ideal for headlight reconditioning.


These are common white make-up sponges that you can buy at any drug store or Walmart here in the USA. We found the best price for these in Walmart, and you can get BAGS of these sponges already cut into triangle shapes!). We are not in the sponge business. Please save yourself a few dollars buy them at your local drug store. Please try to buy from your small locally owned drug store. They'll appreciate it and you will be supporting small business here in the USA. BUT, if you wish, we'll sell you the sponges if it is more convenient for you.

MAKE SURE that you buy the sponges that don't have any vitamin E oil in them nor any other stuff. Just simple white make-up sponges.

SO, why are we selling these things? Because while these are common here in the USA, they are not so common overseas. Our customer over seas buy ONE package to be 100% sure it is the same thing they can buy wherever they are in Korea, Taiwan, in Europe or South Africa. Then they buy from their local small business. - Thank you, Andy.