1 US QUART. (946ml) SPRAY BOTTLE PRESTO!™ PREP CONCENTRATE MAKES SIXTEEN 16 oz. bottles of cleaner; costing $5 per 16 oz. bottle. .

PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING & HANDLING IS FACTORED IN TO THE PRICE OF THIS ITEM. The standard flat rate shipping & handling charge has been figured into the cost. This 1 US Quart (32 oz., 946ml). Bottle of PRESTO!™ PREP CONCENTRATE makes up to TWO AND A HALF GALLON US Gallons (9.5L), or sixteen 16 oz. bottles of cleaner costing $5 per 16 oz. bottle.

PRESTO!™ PREP™ is SIMPLY AMAZING. PRESTO!™ PREP works right before your eyes with little or no effort, just apply, wait and wash-off - simple! Really heavy duty cleaning may need some light scrubbing.

PRESTO!™ PREP is sold as a concentrate. Other cleaners are mostly water. PREP!™ is a 100% cleaner concentrate - NO WATER. Why would you want to buy water you can get from a nearby tap? Why pay to ship you water? PREP™ actually costs less than yet does more than other cleaners.

PRESTO! PREP™ is the only product we know of that washes the yellow out of plastics such as car headlights - ON CONTACT - with NO risk of melting the plastic.

To wash out the yellowing from headlights, use PREP™ at full strength, no not dilute it. You actually see the yellow start to wash out of the headlight on contact. For other uses, follow dilution directions.

PREP™ eliminates all of the sanding normally needed to get the yellow out of headlights. This also eliminates the risk of sanding a hole in the headlight while you try to sand out the yellow. This is the secret to how we can recondition a headlight in less than 5 minutes. After you use PREP™ to get the yellow out, you then use PRESTO!™ PBR™ to permanently penetrate, seal and protect against further weather damage.