PRESTO! Professional Body Repair - COLOR (PRESTO! PBRCOLOR™)

Finally, we have perfected the ultimate PRESTO!™ Solution for the fastest and most effective professional product for deep paint damage repair method.

One product, PBRCOLOR™, does the job of a filler, color coat and high gloss clear coat. By doing the work of 3 products, PBRCOLOR™ eliminates 2/3 of the time to do the repair. PLUS, PBRCOLOR™ is THE ONLY product on the market that allows you a nearly unlimited working window for doing the repair.

Unlike every other repair product, PBRCOLOR™ lets you make just enough to do the job - even as little as a couple of milliliters.

Once you apply PBRCOLOR™ you have the luxury of examining the repair and deciding if the repair is perfect or not. While in liquid form, if any aspect of the repair is not perfect, PBRCOLOR™ can be simply removed with soap and water. If the color match is off, adjust the PBRCOLOR™ then reapply. PBRCOLOR™ does not color shift when it cures. Evaluate the repair again, once you are satisfied with how the repair looks expose the repair with UV light for a few seconds and the repair is done. After solidification, the repair can be easily wet sanded flush if needed. If higher gloss is required a quick wipe-on of PBRCOLOR™ without pigment will result in a full, automotive grade high gloss

PBRCOLOR™ comes in black, UV proof, 4 US FL.OZ. protective bottles. PBRCOLOR™ is HIGHLY REACTIVE to UV light, especially artificial UV sources. PBRCOLOR™ is designed to accept dry automotive grade pigments simply by mixing. Once loaded with pigment, PBRCOLOR™ can be solidified in seconds in cross sections as thick as 3/8 inch and thicker, depending upon pigment loading.

PBRCOLOR™ has an indefinite shelf life prior to loading with pigment. PBRCOLOR™ shares all the same features and benefits as PRESTO! PBR™